Since Future Prime is engaged in the business of marketing and permission email that is aware of uncertainty and distrust that the internet generates its users, it is essential and necessary to provide a service to our users, as secure and confidential as possible while safeguarding the privacy of communications and the personal data of its users. In this sense, we present the following points in our privacy policy. This privacy policy sets out the ways to collect and use of personal data and security safeguards are adopted in their treatment. And how are the options expressed by respected owners.

2. Data Collection
The Future Prime collects personal data such as names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, IP address, and demographic data on lifestyles, via online forms, questionnaires, promotions of products and services, hobbies, whether through trade partners Future Prime, either company sites, either through databases commercially available. For purposes which are listed below, personal data can be stored either in its unidentifiable, or in aggregate. Furthermore, in order to lead effectively end many commercial transactions, the Future Prime may collect personal data, whether of individuals or of customers, whether from potential customers through questionnaires, requests for information, or when you hire, acquire subscribe or register certain products and services. Including free demos, special offers or participation in contests or hobbies. The data collected is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope, purpose and services specified, explicit and legitimate Future Prime.

3. Sponsors of hobbies
The Future Prime hobbies constantly performs data collection for their bases of permission marketing. Some of these hobbies are sponsored by companies, to whom the user data is transmitted. This process is very transparent and visible. You always give your express consent to share your personal data with each sponsor, through a page created for the purpose and upon becoming aware of the privacy policy of each sponsor. May in due course of the registration process to choose the sponsors who agree to share or not to share their data.

4. How the data will be used?
The information provided may be used by Future Prime, as well as its business partners and customers, to send you information about their products and services, tailoring communications to their needs and interests. In addition to these purposes, your personal data may be used for:
• Development and testing of products
• Conduct studies and market analyzes
• Marketing products and services
• Sending advertisements

5. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition
The user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in respect of their personal data. The exercise of such rights shall take place by any means that the user deems relevant:
a) Through links cancellation of service present in all communications sent via email;
b) By email:, with the subject remove
c) By mail: Future Prime, Av. Maristas, lote 4, 2775-389 Parede, Portugal
d) By phone:+ 351 21 4533935

6. Compliance with the law
The Future Prime complies with Law 67/98 of 26 October available on the CNDP (National Commission for Data Protection, located at Rua de S. Bento, No. 148, 3, 1200-821 Lisboa) - - and its regulation.

7. Cookies
In all of Future Prime websites, cookies are used, which improve the start of your session. A cookie is a small file that installs itself on your computer when you visit a website. If you re-visit this website, the cookie was already recognizes this website. Moreover, in all sites of Future Prime hobbies is collecting the user's IP / participant in order to be able to detect possible fraud or illegal behaviors.

8. Security and storage of your data
The Future Prime invests heavily to maintain the security of their websites and systems and to prevent access to your personal data by any person who is not authorized to do so. Nevertheless, the Internet is not a medium secure and 100% so the Future Prime can not guarantee the security of any information you send to us via the Web The Future Prime is not responsible for loss or damage to you or other parties as a consequence of loss of confidentiality of such information.

9. Other websites and liability limits of Future Prime
Future Prime's websites may contain links to other websites which are outside the control of Future Prime and are not covered by this privacy policy. In case you access other sites using this link, you must be aware that these sites may eventually apply for and collect personal data, in accordance with their privacy policy, which may differ from ours. It is also important to note that the sites Future Prime may occasionally provide links to other sites created and managed by other organizations. Since these sites are not our property, we can not guarantee the quality, suitability or operation thereof, and our relationship with these sites does not imply an endorsement nor the products and services sold or advertised, nor any information on the sites in this question. We strongly recommend that you have a lot of attention and taking also into account that under no circumstances shall be liable Future Prime, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused to the user or family regarding the use of.

10. Transfer of assets
In the normal course of business in Future Prime, changes may occur at the level of shareholdings and control of Future Prime in subsidiary companies, subsidiaries or affiliates or possibly business areas of the group. In any of these situations the personal assets may be considered transferable, subject to compliance with the requirements and authorizations legally required for transmission. The same will happen if the Future Prime or any part or sector of activity or the companies that form the group, or their associated companies, subsidiaries or affiliates to buy, situations in which your personal data will be part of the assets to be transferred if they are complied with the requirements and authorizations legally required for its transmission.

11. Anti-SPAM Policy
The Future Prime is deeply concerned with the spamming.
To prove our dedication to an environment without Internet spam, installed a policy and procedures that ensure the integrity of our systems and our messages. Therefore, if any subscriber or participant of our hobby to engage in an act of spamming, we will end immediately and without notice your account or participation, due to our anti-spam policy.
The Future Prime and its associated sites, always have done and continued to do whatever is necessary within our policies and procedures to maintain the status of an organization cleans spam within the Internet community.
We truly believe that organizations like ours, including ASP's, ISP's and ESP's, have a responsibility to ensure that your customers and users engage and use e-mail practices responsible and respectable.

What is spamming?
The spamming is not only to send an email to someone unknown, but can also be done by placing messages in newsgroups, forums, classifieds or chats. This excludes cases in which it operates the invitation service / hobby in the signing of the reviews and / or advertisements.
Anti-Spam Policy of Future Prime
Despite a substantial part of the Future Prime is the organization of and consequent hobbies encourage its participants to disseminate the same among friends and acquaintances, is TOTAL E UNEQUIVOCALLY AGAINST ANY FORM OF DIRECT OR INDIRECT USES OF SPAMMING. Therefore, we recommend to our members and participants who only send emails to people they know and the people who NEVER know.
For this reason, the member who carries out spam will be immediately disqualified in our hobbies and will eventually have to answer in court if their actions so warrant.

What to do if you think you are dealing with a case of spam, directly or indirectly involving our websites?
If you feel that a participant or member of our sites, sent spam or have questions about our spam policy, please contact our department Spam Abuse in the following e-mail address: showing us all the information you can. Then we will take appropriate action immediately, one being the immediate expulsion of the member of our service, as a minimum.

12. Changes Privacy Policy
The Future Prime reserves the right at any time to update or revise the privacy policy stated herein in order to adjust to possible legislative changes and other constraints.

13. Agree with this Privacy Policy
It is understood that the user accepts the terms of this privacy policy to enter your data at any of the sites owned by Future Prime. The completion of the consent forms assumed by the user of the automated processing and use of data in accordance with the privacy policy described here in.
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